About us

The development of The Sun Will Go Out started at a small new years eve-gathering, at the beginning of 2013. Little did we know what journey we just had started.

We have been developing The Sun Will Go Out ever since. During this time we have honed our programming skills, learned how to draw sprites, how to create electronic music, how to write a storyline, how to be proper team members. It has been quite the journey.

During these years, a central gathering point for us has been a forum called 'LinkPact'. There, we have shared interesting, funny and sometimes quite boring stuff we stumbled upon. We are four members in LinkPact, out of which three have been involved in the development of The Sun Will Go Out. As the game came closer to its end, we decided to continue our cooperation as a loosely connected group. We took the name LinkPact.

There have been good times, and there have been rough times during these years. We have developed as developers, and as fellow team members. We are thankful for the experience, and hope for more to come.

And, you know, give The Sun Will Go Out a try. It is free. Then, if you feel like it, write us a line or two and tell us what you think. We would appreciate it :)

Jakob, Daniel, Johan